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The easiest way to mine Bitcoin for free? How to get free bitcoin? Just change your web browser to CryptoTab and receive payments to your balance every 10 minutes. Easy earning BTC online from home.


You will get BTC for simply using it, even if just having CryptoTab browser window open. It takes less than 1 minute to start earning.

Check out the brand new CryptoTab browser! You just use it like a regular browser (watch Youtube, browse websites or social media networks, etc.) and earn income in BTC at the same time thanks to its built-in mining algorithm!

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earning BTC - cryptotab browser

CryptoTab Browser is a great web browser with familiar Chromium interface and nice mining feature. The best thing about it is that you can earn Bitcoins by just browsing the web and bringing new users in. Sounds too good to be true, but it is! This is the easiest way to earn Bitcoin for free online from home.


You will get paid in BTC and payments come directly to your Bitcoin wallet.

Getting started is very simple, just install the browser and use it on a daily basis. It’s fast and it’s made easy to find and handy to browse, so you gonna love it! But the main thing is that you can mine Bitcoins right in it! Browser will earn cryptocurrency while you just do your everyday needs like watching movies online, reading news and visiting websites.

Do you know that most of the time your computer capacity remains unused? Start using your computer resources more efficiently and earn BTC at the same time! Install CryptoTab browser and it will mine bitcoins in the background while you are just surfing the web.

How to get even more free bitcoins?

Share CryptoTab Browser with your friends and get additional % from their BTC revenue! Invest your time and effort inviting new users and you will guarantee a high passive income for yourself for a long time.

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You will always earn bonuses for your friends and their friends then using CryptoTab Browser. Earn more than 1 BTC every month.

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The easiest way to earn Bitcoin for free